The winners of Blue Stone Awards 2017



❯ Explore blue limestone in a new way:


How can you creatively valorize choices and peculiarities of blue stone which are rejected for traditional applications? Carrières du Hainaut launches a new competition on this topic!

Blue Limestone of Hainaut has built an excellent reputation over the years due to its high quality and its extreme purity, it has become the reference at national and international level.


Blue stone fits perfectly in countless projects, whether it as an architectural application, interior design, landscape architecture or urban design.

The first edition of the Blue Stone Awards Carrières du Hainaut reworded high quality Belgian and international projects which perfectly demonstrated the wide applicability of Belgian bluestone and its ability to be harmoniously combined with other materials, finishes and colors.


This year we want to challenge you even further:


Beauty and perfection are often associated with each other, but what about imperfection?

Is it possible to realize beautiful projects with materials that are rejected during the cycle because of their imperfections such as veins, white spots, white veins, high density of fossils, etc.?

We believe YES and are looking for realized projects and ideas/concepts that intregrate these forms of imperfections, which exploit certain aesthetic pecularities or technical constraints.


The title of this competition is therefore ‘Explore blue limestone in a new way…’

Who can participate?
Architects, interior architects, designers, students, stone and marble masons who want to innovate and develop a new use of the stone. Carrières du Hainaut wants to challenge and stimulate designers and creative spirits to work in new ways with blue stone.

Registration is closed




We invite you to enter the competition in one of the following categories

Best realization or best concept in the category:

  • Object or decorative element
  • Interior design
  • Construction
  • Exterior


The Blue Stone Awards compensates also:


  • the best realization in all categories
  • the best project/concept in all categories


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